About us

PW Dance & Sportswear is run across three countries by two generations of the Thomas family. We are all focused on consistently providing the highest performing footwear and apparel for active performers. We know what drives you, we’ve been there, and our passion drives us to innovations delivering shoes and apparel to meet your highest performing needs.

Our shoes and garments are manufactured in production houses owned and managed by our family. This allows us to control the production processes and maintain the highest quality, as well as enabling us the opportunity to offer a very comprehensive customizing service.

Whether your chosen discipline is ballet, tap, jazz, ballroom, gymnastics, cheerleading or something else, we’re here to assist in meeting the needs of every active performers unique requirement. We’re not about focusing on one thing or one discipline; we provide excellence in everything we do.

PW Dance & Sportswear stores can be found across Australia and New Zealand. We also distribute our products to a number of other retailers and provide direct to dance schools. Contact us here if you’d like to become a PW Dance & Sportswear stockist or if you’re a school/team who would like to source the highest quality customised uniforms.